Our Name?

The Pink Cows are featured in this picture!

Does every little girl need PINK?  Does every child need a cuddly blanket?  The precious duo above would answer YES to both of these questions!  These cuddle blankets were a gift from 2 very special people (yes, we received 4 of these, thank God!).  In the early months of the twins lives, they took to the blankets and have ‘drug’ them ever since!

When thinking of a name for our ‘hobby business’ we decided to use Pink Cow somewhere in the name.  At first, I wanted to use the girls’ names in the business name, but we then decided (thanks to my MIL, the backbone of this business) that if we had more children, they might feel left out! Ambitious much, yes.  But true.

So, my very talented, creative mother in law came up with ‘The Pink Cow Mootique’ and we sell ‘Udderly Unique Gifts’!!  We LOVE it and it fits us perfectly!


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