pink cow mootique is a fun dream that is coming true.

this dream started many, many years ago.  jeanne (the master behind the how-to’s) learned to sew at a very early age.  she was often called on in school to make this and that for her classmates, as well as teachers.  sewing/crafting/crocheting has always been a big part of her life.

Jeanne and her little pink cows!

fastforward to kari.  kari grew up with a mother who was always crafting and making things.  crafting was a hobby!


february 2011.  the best month ever (you think so, right?).  God revealed his awesomeness to us, again.  the two most precious girls were born and were healthy and perfect in every way.  the lives of all of those around them would change drastically, in a better way than anyone could imagine.


so, the sewing began.  jeanne loved to sew outfits for these girls.  joking, kari and jeanne would often talk about opening up an etsy shop.

finally, in august/september of 2012, this dream became a reality.  the pink cow mootique was open for business.

we are constantly coming up with new things to add to the shop.  it is a work in progress.

thank you for joining in on this journey and we hope you stay around with us for a while.

two little pirates in their outfits made by JeJe!



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