linking up with lauren on the high 5 for friday post…

this was a great week!  we had monday off, tuesday was a work day and a new semester started wednesday!  i love short weeks!!


1. we played in our pj’s almost all day monday!

girls playing

2. i finally got up the nerve to set this bad boy up…woah.  this is quite different from my ‘kiddie’ sewing machine i have used in the past!

sewing maching

3. my first project…bean bag owls for the girls 2nd birthday!!


4. speaking of party planning.  vivi wanted to add her little touches and ideas to what she wanted for her party.

party planning

5. check out my pinterest board for all the cool ideas i have for the big party coming up in ONE MONTH!!!!!!  aaaaah.


go link up with lauren.  its fun.



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