High 5 for Friday

its finally here.  yay!!!!!!!!


a few things I loved about this week…



1. i have a VERY talented mother in law.  are these tops not TO DIE FOR!?


2. we had the Christmas parade Sunday.  we all rode on a float pulled by my grandaddy on this tractor.



3. the girls just adore santa.



4.  maddox learning how to use chopsticks!!!!


5. we are going to our first book swap/christmas party!!  i hope this turns into an annual event!  i am so excited!


only 4 1/2 more days until christmas break, but who’s counting…


4 thoughts on “High 5 for Friday

    • Thank you very much!!!! We are experimenting with different things for our etsy shop. We are going to revamp and open a much better shop after Christmas!! Stop by and see us some time!!!!

      The book party was a blast!! Everyone bought a book, we played and then exchanged presents that were all books about Christmas!!

      Again, thanks for your sweet comments!!!

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