{new listings+new button!}

i finished an adorable burp cloth last night!  i am in love with it!  makes me want to burp my girls.  just kidding.  kind of…

this little pink ruffle makes me happy!  also, i drug kindly asked my sister to be my ‘model’…she was not feeling well and was sleeping on the couch.  thankfully, you can’t see her face or hair! ha!

also, i reactivated the crocheted baby blankets.  not all colors are currently available.  we currently have peach, green and white.  we will probably restock after Christmas, once the craziness of the holidays slows down.  if you would like a custom color for a special event, please contact me and we will see if we can make it happen.


lastly, i just made my first blog button!  i am so excited and can’t wait to make more.  i still have some learning to do.  i need to play with how to make it so anyone can ‘grab’ it and put it on their blog, should anyone want to!

today is the pink cow’s MeMe’s birthday!!




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