linking up with lauren on the high 5 for friday post… this was a great week!  we had monday off, tuesday was a work day and a new semester started wednesday!  i love short weeks!!   1. we played in our pj’s almost all day monday! 2. i finally got up the … Continue reading


it’s friday!!!!  let’s hug about that. i am linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk for her High Five For Friday link party… here are my favorites for the week…   **I actually have one really big high but that deserves its own post… 1. exam week…only teachers get excited about this… 2. … Continue reading

{what is full?}

over at Gussy Sews today, she talks about being full.  if you do not read her blog, you should.  she is nothing short of amazing and is such an inspiration to me.   webster says: full 1 /fʊl/ adjective, full·er, full·est, adverb, verb, noun.  adjective 1.completely filled; containing all that can be held; filled to … Continue reading

High 5 for Friday

its finally here.  yay!!!!!!!!   a few things I loved about this week…   1. i have a VERY talented mother in law.  are these tops not TO DIE FOR!? 2. we had the Christmas parade Sunday.  we all rode on a float pulled by my grandaddy on this tractor.   3. the girls just adore santa. … Continue reading


i am loving the new red/pink combinations for Christmas!!! yesterday we added a new item to our etsy shop. are these not the most adorable headbands ever!?! we also have this style in the beanie cap! this is made with a red crocheted headband with green tulle and pink/red chiffon ribbon!! photos do NOT do … Continue reading

{high five for friday}

is it ok to write a high five for friday post, on saturday?  good.  i thought so.  i am linking up with FMGD for this post! 1. break!!  it is so nice to get a little break from the every day routine! via 2. family.  i have the best family ever, and i love spending time with them. … Continue reading

{happy thanksgiving}

i just wanted to wish my readers (all two of you) a happy thanksgiving!!!  i hope everyone enjoyed their time with family and i pray for those who cannot be with family during such special times.  also, to all of those who are missing loved ones who have gone on for the grandest thanksgiving dinner … Continue reading

{new listings+new button!}

i finished an adorable burp cloth last night!  i am in love with it!  makes me want to burp my girls.  just kidding.  kind of… this little pink ruffle makes me happy!  also, i drug kindly asked my sister to be my ‘model’…she was not feeling well and was sleeping on the couch.  thankfully, you … Continue reading

{current shop listings}

we do have crocheted blankets still for sale, but we have sold a few, and have realized that when a certain color on etsy sells, it does not go away.  therefore, jeanne is in a panic to make a blanket that sold last night, that also sold previously! so, i have currently deactivated the crocheted … Continue reading